I'm Lena, an artist from Melbourne, Australia.

A long-time doodler and social-media marketer.


I also write copy and create content in forms of:


  • Copywriting

  • Reviews

  • Blogging (fashion, travel, culture)

  • Interviews (a personal fave)


  • Recipe videos

  • Vlogging

  • Interviews


For a copy of examples of social media work or a current CV email -

lenatuck at gmail dot com

Hey, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Lena, I’m primarily a digital artist from Melbourne, Australia but currently travelling around North and Central America in pursuit of more inspiration, education and self-discovery in both art and life.

I use bright, bold colours in my work, deriving from both photos of my own and others sourced through magazines or fellow photographers, to bring a new life form or even a new meaning to an image. To bring it into a different dimension of neon slime, blue leg hair and weird shapes to reality.